Breakthrough Challenge

This 4-week course concentrates on establishing a solid foundation with your walk with God.​

​Classes cover an amazing array of current, challenging, and thought provoking topics based on these 4 modules:​

1) The decision to follow Christ.
2) Power of the Cross
- Your salvation and what the cross did for us.
3) Water Baptism - It is a public declaration to follow Christ.
4) Encountering God - Experience God's love and transformation through a weekend retreat.​

These classes are a prep for Breakthrough Weekend...​Whether you're new to Catalyst Church or a longtime member, figuring out your NEXT STEPS can be difficult.​ We encourage you to join the course to gain knowledge of who God is and strengthen your faith by joining kicking off the week with our Breakthrough Challenge.

Breakthrough Weekend

This course is a continuation of Breakthrough Challenge, however, it's an all day, two day retreat.​

Breakthrough Weekend takes you way from the confines of day-to-day living, and propels you to take time out to appreciate all the many things God has done for you.​ The goal for Breakthrough Weekend is to strengthen your faith, to renew yourself...​Retreats are held in a special, peaceful and quiet environment where you can focus and relax on your faith journey without any outside distractions.

Breakthrough Transformation

This 20 week course is a continuation of both Breakthrough Challenge and Breakthrough Weekend.

Breakthrough Transformation brings everything together to strengthen what you've experienced and continuing to build your foundation.​

This course will show you how to apply biblical truths to your everyday life by following a step-by-step approach to understanding the essentials of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Your Next Step

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