C-Kids consist of 5 different programs in which we tailor exciting, Bible driven lessons for children to understand God and his love for us.
We engage our youth with extracurricular activities full of excitement and lessons they'll learn and will want to continue to grow on.


Cloud Room

5Mo - 18Mo

Cloud Room curriculum lessons include everything you need to show God's love to infants.



Ages 1-3

There is no better time to start teaching children about Jesus than the toddler years.


Water Room

Ages 4-5

Water Room curriculum will teach your children valuable, lifelong lessons of faith and victory.

"Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him"
Psalms 127:3

Lower Elementary

Bloom Room

1ST - 3rd Grade

Bloom Room is tailored toward children in this age group. Worship and lessen in one experience.

Upper Elementary

Harvest Room

4th - 5th Grade

Harvest Room teaches children in this group how to grow your faith stronger through prayer.

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C-Kids meet every Sunday during service with Bible-driven lessons and songs to teach children about God's love for us.

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